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Require all Genetically Modified Foods to be labeled as such. 60,643 signatures Threshold: 5,000

Waiting for a response since Oct 23, 2011 over a year old

Genetically modified foods are a recent technology and are already in many commercial foods Americans consume today. While they may have benefits, these genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have not been studied rigorously enough in their potential human health impacts. Therefore, it should be the consumer's right to know whether the food they choose to purchase contains all or partly genetically modified organisms as ingredients. Although certified Organic foods are labeled as such and contain no GMOs, the consumer does not know whether they are buying genetically modified foods when they can't or choose not to buy Organic. Petition to require food companies to label their foods according to their contents in terms of containing genetically modified organisms.

Not Allow The FDA To Regulate Premium Cigars 40,523 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since May 11, 2012 over a year old

Dear Mr. President: The FDA is considering the creation of regulations for the premium cigar industry. These regulations will jeopardize over 85,000 American jobs, destroy Americaxs xmom & popx premium cigar retailers & manufacturers, and risk over 250,000 jobs in Latin American that produce cigars, impacting the economic/political stability in the region. We hope you will stand up for small businesses that dot Main Street America & recognize that premium cigars are enjoyed by adults, are not addictive and therefore do not conform to the Congressional intent of the Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act. Tell the FDA to leave our premium cigars alone. With this nation's more pressing issues, harming my simple ability to enjoy a cigar should not be a priority of the government.

Support mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMOs). 106,717 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since May 12, 2012 over a year old

We have a right to know how the food we eat and feed our families is produced, but under current FDA regulations, we donxt have that ability when it comes to genetically engineered foods (GMOs). More than forty countries, including Russia and China, already require labels on genetically engineered foods. And a recent poll found that nearly all Democrats (93%), Independents (90%), and Republicans (89%) support labeling of GMOs. At a time when partisan rancor dominates the public conversation, there are few topics that can muster such overwhelming support. And although over 1 million people submitted comments in favor of labeling, the FDA has yet to act. President Obama, please listen to the American public and speak out in favor of the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods.

Remove the monument and not to support any international harassment related to this issue against the people of Japan. 47,301 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since Jun 9, 2012 over a year old

False accusations regarding the South Korean comfort women issue have disgraced the people of Japan for decades. Over the past few years it has come to light that many of the original charges were false or completely fabricated. Yet despite this new information, the United States continues to lend credence to the original false charges by memorializing the comfort women in a monument in New Jersey and a street name in New York. Not only is this perpetrating historical untruths, but it also leads unnecessary racial conflict and suffering of people of Japanese ancestry. We strongly request President Obama to remove the monument and not to support any international harassment related to this issue against the people of Japan.

Repeal the House of Representatives Resolution 121 to stop aggravating int'l harassment by Korean propaganda & lies! 45,532 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since Jul 24, 2012 over a year old

In "Discount Japan" campaign, using holocaust image conveniently, South Korea takes advantage of Seiji Yoshida's creation "comfort women" which later he confessed a fiction. Oral testimonies are not evidence of coercing or abduction! The House Resolution 121 in 2007 is based on fabrication. It gives South Korea a path to accuse Japan for its deed during WWII therefore to justify their murder, abduction, and invasion of Takeshima islands which has abundant of methane hydrate. If US-Japan alliance is truly the cornerstone of US security interests in Asia and the Pacific and is fundamental to regional stability and prosperity, do NOT allow Koreans to deteriorate it. We strongly request US government to act only based on truth and justice!

Persuade South Korea (the ROK) to accept Japan's proposal on territorial dispute over islets. 41,953 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since Oct 2, 2012 over a year old

The ROK is illegally occupying Japanese Territory Takeshima. The ROK calls it Dokdo. Although Japan proposed to the ROK that the dispute be referred to the International Court of Justice, the ROK rejected this proposal. In the drafting process of The San Francisco Peace Treaty, United States Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs Dean Rusk rejected the request by the ROK that Takeshima be added to the relevant article of the Treaty as one of the areas Japan would renounce. This is not just bilateral issue between Japan and the ROK but deeply involves the United States and your inescapable responsibilities in Northeast Asia. Going to the ICJ is a peaceful and fair manner to settle the dispute.

Investigate and publicly condemn organ harvesting from Falun Gong believers in China 33,342 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since Jan 1, 2013 over a year old

Tens of thousands of illegally imprisoned Falun Gong believers have been used as a living organ bank, killed on demand to fuel Chinaxs lucrative organ transplant industry, as outlined in this video: The U.S. State Departmentxs 2011 Human Rights Report cited allegations of organ harvesting from Falun Gong believers and other prisoners of conscience. In October, 106 members of Congress wrote to Secretary Clinton requesting further information. Two Congressional hearings have covered the topic. Leading transplantation doctors and medical organizations worldwide have condemned this crime against humanity. As a world leader in protecting human rights, the U.S. has a moral obligation to expose these crimes, stop them, and ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice.

oppose the petition created by xHisa Axon Japanxs proposal to take Japanxs claim over Dokdo (or Takeshima) to the ICJ. 31,586 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since Jan 11, 2013 over a year old

Korea's territorial rights over Dokdo are indisputable, historically and geographically, and are not subject to a territorial dispute with Japan.This dispute over Dokdo is a historical problem that arose from Japan's expansionist invasion of Korea.This dispute may not be settled in or out of court unless Japan accepts the responsibility of the historical fact. The Republic of Korea has continuously administered Dokdo since 1948. Japan has tried to claim Dokdo as their territory and wants to take Korea to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The petition by xhisa ax refers to xRusk Documentsx which were confidential during the 1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty negotiations and are anecdotal now and have no legality that can support Japanxs territorial ownership of Dokdo.

To award the Medal of Freedom to the 4 Firefighters who were ambushed in West Webster New York on Christmas Eve 2012 33,493 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since Jan 28, 2013 over a year old

On December 24th 2012 4 West Webster Firefighters responded to a call of a vehicle/house fire. As they arrived they were ambushed by a lone gunman. Lt. Mike Chiapperini and Firefighter Tomasz Kaczowka were killed on scene. Firefighters Joseph Hofsetter and Theodore Scardino both received life altering injuries which will require months of rehabilitation. These brave men were volunteers answered the call for assistance at 5:30 in the morning. These brave men were ambushed by a coward. For their sacrifices, their willingness to help their fellow man they all should be honored with the Medal of Freedom.

There are election rigging made by Progressive Program that have been used in the 18th Presidential Election of S. KOREA 26,754 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since Jan 28, 2013 over a year old

South Korean Presidential Election held on Dec. 19, 2012. Korea National Election Commission count votes illegally. Korean demand for manual counting or even re-counting, which is their constitutional right. There are election rigging made by Progressive Programs that have been secretly used to fix the 2012 South Korean Presidential Election. The graphs representing the voter turnout and the votes earned for Mr. Moon and Ms. Park, measured over time, were consistently smooth to have occurred in real life, which have been imply unlawful intervention. Only the graphs implied by the Formula of Logistic Funtion can produce such a beautiful, smooth curves. Please Support the Korean People of Democracy with Free and Fair Election. So, they can decide their own future for Democracy. Recount NOW!

Invite Neal Boortz, the author of The FairTax Book, to spend one hour talking with the President about tax reform. 31,451 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since Feb 8, 2013 over a year old

A petition to request that the President spend one hour discussing The FairTax, the most thoroughly researched tax reform legislation in history, with Neal Boortz and former GOP Congressman John Linder, co-authors of The FairTax Book and FairTax, The Truth.

Remove United States District Attorney Carmen Ortiz from office for overreach in the case of Aaron Swartz. 60,188 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since Feb 11, 2013 over a year old

It is too late to do anything for Aaron Swartz, but the who used the powers granted to them by their office to hound him into a position where he was facing a ruinous trial, life in prison and the ignominy and shame of being a convicted felon; for an alleged crime that the supposed victims did not wish to prosecute. A prosecutor who does not understand proportionality and who regularly uses the threat of unjust and overreaching charges to extort plea bargains from defendants regardless of their guilt is a danger to the life and liberty of anyone who might cross her path.

Fire Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann. 28,610 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since Feb 12, 2013 over a year old

Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann's overzealous prosecution of an allegedly minor and non-violent electronic crime led to the suicide of Aaron Swartz. President Obama recently said, as repeated by Vice President Biden, "if our actions result in saving only one life, they're worth taking." We should not destroy the lives of human beings for crimes against computer systems that harm no one and provide no benefit to the perpetrator. Such actions should be treated as forms of protest and civil disobedience. To prosecute these actions the same as rapes and murders is a savage abuse of the criminal justice system which continues to destroy the lives of peaceful, productive members of society. Fire Attorney Steve Heymann before his reckless prosecutions claim any more lives.

Prevent the FDA from regulating or banning the sale and use of electronic cigarettes, accessories and associated liquids 35,827 signatures Threshold: 25,000

Waiting for a response since Feb 13, 2013 over a year old

The FDA has repeatedly stated its intent to propose a xdeemingx regulation to apply Chapter IX of the FSPTCA to e-cigarettes. But Sections 905 and 910 would ban all e-cigarettes, and other provisions of Chapter IX would also decimate the e-cigarette industry, protect cigarette markets and otherwise threaten public health. The FDA should NOT propose or approve any regulation that would deny cigarette smokers legal or affordable access to less hazardous smokefree alternatives. ~ Bill Godshall E-cigarettes and associated accessories and liquids are less hazardous than cigarettes and can reduce the risks of smoking. With the use of these devices millions have successfully reduced the use of cigarettes. Don't let the FDA deny us access to these alternatives to smoking.

Invest and deport Jasmine Sun who was the main suspect of a famous Thallium poison murder case (victim:Zhu Lin) in China 150,920 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Jun 2, 2013

In 1995, Zhu Ling as a Tsinghua university student was found out to be purposely poisoned twice by lethal chemical: Thallium, which leads to her permanent paralysis. It was indicated that Sun, her roommate, had the motive, and access to the deadly chemical. Jasmine Sun was investigated by police as suspect in 1997. But resources show that the case was mystically closed due to her family's powerful political connections. Resources also show that she changed her name and entered USA by marriage fraud. To protect the safety of our citizens, we petite that the government investigate and deport her. For more information on the case, please visit:

Provide necessary assistance to prevent Taiwanese people from being murdered by Philippines and rebuild friendship. 115,510 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Jun 15, 2013

Dear Mr. President, As we know, Taiwan is an ally who shares the same values with us. It is sad to hear that a 65-years-old unarmed Taiwanese fisherman was killed by Philippine coastguard on May 9th. 51 bullet holes were found. Many Taiwanese people were convinced by Philippines that the Obama Administration will connive at this brutal shooting attack. The signal from Philippines is forcing Taiwanese move to the other end of the balance. The situation is severe and may harm the interests of the United States. This is a tough situation, but the bottom-line is crystal clear; firing on unarmed fisherman's boat is not allowed. The cost of losing Taiwan and its influence in Japan and China is extremely high. We, the People, demand our government to provide assistance to Taiwan. Sincerely,

Pardon Edward Snowden 156,670 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Jul 9, 2013

Edward Snowden is a national hero and should be immediately issued a a full, free, and absolute pardon for any crimes he has committed or may have committed related to blowing the whistle on secret NSA surveillance programs.

Declare Muslim Brotherhood organization as a terrorist group 206,342 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Aug 6, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of violent killings & terrorizing opponents. Also MB has direct ties with most terrorist groups like Hamas. A book by one of their prominent figures, Sayyid Qutb, called Ma'alim fi-l-Tariq is the bible for many terrorist groups. The Muslim Brotherhood has shown in the past few days that it is willing to engage in violence and killing of innocent civilians in order to invoke fear in the hearts of its opponents. This is terrorism. We ask the US government to declare MB as a terrorist group for a safer future for all of us.

Stop SOPA 2013 117,647 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Sep 21, 2013

In 2012 the Online Privacy Act was brought fourth to congress to be passed which would have negatively affected everyone on the internet as a whole. The people fought back and it never happened. Several times now since then it was revised under a different title with changes and tweaks to the wording to again try to get it to pass without the general public knowing about it. Each time it was found out, and then repealed. Here we are in 2013 and again dealing with a portion of SOPA, this time the streaming of copywritten works is at the forefront of this particular law to be. If a particular stream contains any copywritten material of any sort the uploader and creator of said content can be found guilty and automatically placed in prison for years on felony charges. Let's end this for good

Reform ECPA: Tell the Government to Get a Warrant 110,639 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Dec 13, 2013

Americans are deeply concerned about NSA surveillance. But the NSAxs not the only problem. An outdated law says the IRS and hundreds of other agencies can read our communications without a warrant. That law, known as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), was written over 25 years ago, before the services we use today even existed. Right now, several bills in Congress would fix this by updating ECPA to require a warrant, but regulatory bodies are blocking reform in order to gain new powers of warrantless access. We call on the Obama Administration to support ECPA reform and to reject any special rules that would force online service providers to disclose our email without a warrant.

Remove offensive state in Glendale, CA public park 128,391 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Jan 10, 2014

Please remove the statue in a public park in Glendale, California. It is a statue of a Comfort Women masquerading as a peace statue while in essence after reading the inscription it is promoting hate towards the people and nation of Japan.

Please Protect The Peace Monument in Glendale Central Library 106,250 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Feb 3, 2014

Yesterday I heard that signature score of 'remove peace monument petition' exceeded one hundred thousand. But Peace Monument is symbolizing the victims of sexual slavery by the Japanese imperial military during World War II . And we have to know history correctly. So I think that we have to protect the Peace Monument. Please protect the Peace Monument.

Stop SOPA 2014. 108,507 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Mar 19, 2014

Stop SOPA. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Acts. In this case, all fanart will be deleted, all fan-pages, fanfics, fan made videos, etc. Please help stop SOPA.

Allow Ukrainian Citizens 90 day entrance into the USA on passport, without Visa. 104,155 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Mar 28, 2014

Ukraine allows US Citizens 90 day visits without Visa; the US should offer the same privilege to Ukrainian citizens. This benefit will bond our friendship with Ukraine and show them that we committed to help them.

Urge the FDA to Say YES to Accelerated Approval for safe, effective therapies for children with Duchenne. 106,049 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Mar 30, 2014

We urge the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use the Accelerated Approval pathway for approval and access to safe, effective therapies for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - the leading genetic killer of children that impacts 1 out of every 3,500 boys born in the United States. It's time for the FDA to Say Yes and make this the first generation of Duchenne survivors.

Oppose Trade Agreement Between Taiwan and China 117,946 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Apr 18, 2014

President Ma is trying to ignore normal review procedure and enforce to pass the trade agreement between Taiwan and China without any line-by-line review. This agreement will only benefit the China economy. Moreover, Taiwan will be invaded gradually:Taiwanese democracy will erode by Chinese dictatorship.

Legally Recognize Non-Binary Genders 101,376 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Apr 20, 2014

Legal documents in the United States only recognize "male" and "female" as genders, leaving anyone who does not identify as one of these two genders with no option. Australia and New Zealand both allow an X in place of an M or an F on passports for this purpose and the UK recognizes 'Mx' (pronounced as Mix or sometimes Mux) as a gender-neutral title. This petition asks the Obama Administration to legally recognize genders outside of the male-female binary (such as agender, pangender, genderfluid, and others) and provide an option for these genders on all legal documents and records.