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Commute Chelsea Manning's Sentence to Time Served 117,299 signatures Threshold: 100,000

Waiting for a response since Dec 14, 2016

Chelsea Manning has been incarcerated since May 2010, including in unlawful, unusually harsh solitary confinement for 11 months before her trial. She has spent the past six years helping others. Chelsea has already served more time in prison than any individual in United States history who disclosed information in the public interest. Her disclosures harmed no one. President Obama, as you and the medical community have recognized, prisoners who face solitary confinement are more likely to commit suicide. Chelsea is a woman in a men's facility facing ongoing mistreatment. She has attempted suicide and has been punished with additional time in solitary confinement for her desperation. Her life is at risk and you can save her. Please commute Chelsea Manning's sentence to time served.